Heart Shape with CSS

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You can create a Heart Shape using pure CSS. By utilizing the CSS masking feature, you can apply it to a single element like a div, or you can also use it with any image.
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<h1>Heart Shape with CSS </h1> <div class="heart"></div> <h1>Heart shape with Image via CSS</h1> <img src="/img/bg.png" class="heart" alt="random image" />
:root{ --heart: radial-gradient(#000 69%,#0000 70%) 84.5%/50%; } .heart, .heart-rating { height: 250px; aspect-ratio: 1; -webkit-mask-box-image: var(--heart); mask-border: var(--heart); clip-path: polygon(-41% 0,50% 91%, 141% 0); background: #cc333f; } .heart-rating-wrap{ display: flex; } .heart-rating{ height: 30px; margin-right: 2px; background: #ddd; } .heart-rating:hover{ background: #cc333f; } @supports not (-webkit-mask-box-image: var(--heart)) { .heart { mask: radial-gradient(at 70% 31%,#000 29%,#0000 30%), radial-gradient(at 30% 31%,#000 29%,#0000 30%), linear-gradient(#000 0 0) bottom/100% 50% no-repeat; } }

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